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With its high seating position, child-friendly interior and large cargo area, Honda Pilots have what it takes to win the old people on the outskirts of the city. The V-6 engine is trouble-free, powerful and relatively efficient, and the Pilot offers sufficient crane capacity for most receivers. This space is too much and there are several shipping options available in reconfigurable interiors. Driver assistant technology is now standard, but Achilles pilot’s weakness is a busy infotainment system, but updates can still be outdated.

Honda looked at the Odyssey van for inspiration from the pilot’s cage and front end loop. Inside, there’s a new, larger digital cluster display and an excellent volume button than the previous capacitive touch-touch slider for an advanced infotainment system. 4G Wi-Fi connections and a larger rear entertainment display are now available and adopt the Odyssey Cabinet intercom settings. Other changes include standard advanced crash warnings, automatic emergency braking, fixed channel assistance and adaptive navigation controls added to all Pilot models, as well as increasing the settings for nine-speed automatic transmissions at the highest Turing and Elite levels.

The V-6 has a sporty sound and a lot of power and is now updated in the Touring and Elite decorations. The LX, EX and EX-L models have six automatic speeds; they work well, but you may be reluctant to slow down quickly when you want more power. However, we are not a fan of the choice of non-intuitive buttons, which are standard on nine-speed transmissions; The six-speed model has a more intuitive conventional gear shift.

The pilot is not the hardest three-lane course to drive, but large enough to make you feel heavy when cornering. The quality of the pilot’s ride against sharp impacts is very strong with larger 20-inch wheels, including the top trim level. We will use a standard 18-inch wheel, although it smoothes when the pilot is full of passengers and / or cargo. Although the journey was heavy, the pilot’s lack of control of his body made him feel disconnected. The light steering helps Pilots feel they can maneuver at the speed of the parking lot, but this also contributes to the feeling of starting.

Honda Pilot Review
Honda Pilot Review
The interior of the pilot is spacious and practical and can have family-friendly options such as a DVD entertainment system with video streaming. Most floors offer a third row throughout the three, producing eight passengers. The Pricier reduced the number of passengers to seven instead of the two-seat seat. However, the spacious third row seat cushion means that it is comfortable for children only. The layout of the pilot line design includes easy-to-use climate control and clear cluster indicators and features 16 large cup holders spread over three lines. The pilot’s high seating position creates spectacular street views, while large windows and beautiful and stunning ceiling pillars offer the best in class views.

The annoying central touchscreen is one of the weakest connections on the Pilot, but much needed volume buttons have been added for 2019. Provides key features to the level of the EX trim and touch screen, including 5.0-inch LX home screen, SiriusXM satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, 8.0 inches., With voice commands and other application functions. Navigation is optional on the EX-L trim and standard on Touring and Elite.

The pilot has a very steep cargo area and lots of interior. This is one of the smallest SUVs in its class, but the cargo capacity between configurations is seven and eight seats, because the Elite and Touring seven seats have a second row center console that cannot be lifted. Adjustable cargo flooring can be arranged for maximum cargo space or storage from the ground.

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