2019 Honda Fit Review

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The name of the Honda Fit: thanks to its boxed shape and versatile folding rear seats, you can load more than other sub-areas. This is also a strong value with competitive class improvements and low quality and basic price creation. Driver assistance features such as adaptive roaming control, line maintenance assistance and automatic emergency brakes are optional or standardized at each trim level that draws more attention than its modest competitors. It is fun what does not fit the mix of adaptability abilities. Even with a manual transmission, it’s best to have fun driving – it’s disappointing to think that the model of the previous generation is more interesting and practical. But if the flexibility in the impressive interior and a small package is what you’re looking for, Fit is still a car we recommend.

The Honda Sensing-enabled models see the driver’s automatic high-beam to be added to the list and find new colors – Platinum Pearl – White Orchid Pearl – on the selection page.
The only power transfer decision a Fit receiver has to make is the choice between a six-speed manual transmission and a CVT, even if the horsepower falls to 128 for models equipped with CVT. At high engine speeds you’ll spend a lot of time, the engine freezes. The manual transmission provides more control for maximum power from the engine; CVT absorbs the life of the engine and is not sufficient for driving.

Only Fit’s driving quality stands out. When driving on most road defects, the car is almost spring-loaded, especially if equipped with tires larger than the basic LX iteration. Things that go up should go down – or rather, good departures don’t always work well and the soft fit suspension doesn’t make it dynamically exception. The corners still have a nice trunk roll and the steering wheel offers street-zero appeal – not as precise as its predecessor Fit. Authorized, we call it unpleasant.

2019 Honda Fit Review
2019 Honda Fit Review
Fit is well-positioned from a beautifully arranged and quality material, and is among the best in its segment. A pleasant and spacious factor in the fit interior. In most sizes, the Fit cabin is the largest cabinet in the lower class. The rear seat area is particularly large and has a much wider area than other direct competitors; almost matching some full size sedans.

Each Fit comes as standard with Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, a backup camera, at least one USB port and a spare steering wheel audio controls. Each Fit, but the LX 7-inch touch screen in the basic decoration adds two additional speakers for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and the audio system (total of six). As a sign of the time of our smartphones, Honda has removed the additional audio input of Fit from USB only.

There are a few short objects from the main equipment that you cannot fit in. This model based its reputation on the back of the Magic Chair. The separate worktop can be folded flat – it creates a surface that does not break from the rear bumper to the back of the front seat – or to move the lower part of the cushion up and vertical, to allow the high and wide parts to be loaded and placed over the side door, opposite the rear footrest. The result is a unique configuration supported by boxy Fit internal and voluminous cargo. When the rear seats are folded, we load 20 luggage to the Fit cabinet.

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