Mitsubishi Lancer Review

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Since its first presence in 1973, Mitsubishi Lancer has become one of the most preferred sedans, with less than 7 million of this car sold all over the world, the first-generation Mitsubishi Lancer, the Japanese manufacturer continued its success in 1973. Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0 GT with performance and a captivating look

In the mid-2015, Mitsubishi Lancer was officially halted and the latest Mitsubishi Lancer was the latest Lancer X Final Edition, sold only in the US. Japan, according to its price, has a fantastic price of the latest car series.

Based on the appearance of this compact sedan, this model has a sporty outward appearance, allowing us to see the front view and the lancer’s characteristics of the shark eye model, so that Mitsubishi Lancer can accommodate up to 5 passengers like Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. There’s a Mitsubishi logo with three diamonds in the middle, and there’s a pair of fog lights on the bumper of the car, which is even more special because it’s in the right position.
Mitsubishi Lancer Review
Mitsubishi Lancer Review
At a first-class price, you’ll get the latest generation of sedan with a variety of outstanding features fixed in this car, which makes you feel even more secure, and the Mitsubishi Lancer ex 2.0 GT can be said to have no gap. This car’s engine volume is 1,988 cc.

The sporty look you can feel when you see the fa├žade, you can see a shark-shaped headlight with a sharp eye design, complementary, forget the three diamond logo buried on Mitsubishi, there is a fog lamp that will help a lot in rainy road conditions, the middle part is surrounded by a chrome-colored front grille, and most attention the attractive part is the nets or holes in the bumpers, and the upper part provides a stronger sporting impression.

On the side, the 4-door luggage seems to be too short to use, but there are a number of lines similar to the BMW 3 series, such as the Cope Mitsubishi, which comes with a short boot, because the 4-door luggage here seems to be too short to use, because here Mitsubishi gives priority to the rear and the luggage is on the side. There is a curved stop lamp that looks luxurious.

The wheel axle with its length of 4.570 mm, width of 1.760 mm and height of 1.490 mm reaches 2.635 mm. The curb weight of this car reaches 1,385 kg, with passenger capacity reaching 5 people. Although classified as a sport sedan, the Mitsubishi Lancer has a little distance, which certainly doesn’t make you worry about driving on an uneven texture.

Mitsubishi Lancer Review
Mitsubishi Lancer Review

All the features look very connected to the Mitsubishi Lancer, there is an autoclimatic dual control which further increases the air circulation, there is also a gear shift, the existing sound system is smooth to Mitsubishi, in terms of safety Imobillizer in this car, double airbag and ABS brake system. In addition, there are many more features that enrich this car and provide extra comfort.

Mitsubishi’s big name makes this car the preferred sedan and the EX 2.0 lancer is the latest smoothest edition, the success of making a sport sedan is unlikely to continue by the Mitsubishi manufacturer, but instead will replace the newest version of the Mitsubishi sedan.

The perfect impression seems to be very close to this sedan, the Mitsubishi Mitsubishi has a lot of color options to choose from in all the bright colors. So maybe the brief information we can share about Features.

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