2019 Mitsubishi Mirage Review

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The market in the 1.2-liter city car segment grew rapidly, but fell again after the ‘Low Cost Green Car’ explosion. Although the size of this segment is much different from that offered by urban vehicles, according to LCGC. Especially the construction quality, the material used and the final assembly group that is clearly superior to the LCGC.

Therefore, players in the 1.2-liter city car segment are developing themselves by developing various improvements and improvement features to stimulate this potential market. Honda Brio doing facelift 2016. Honda’s strategy changed by offering the RS variant as the highest type outside the LCGC Brio Satya version. Later in July 2016, Mitsubishi introduced the new Mirage, which is experiencing changes in its exterior and various new features. After spending the old stock Mirage unit, the marketing process started in October.

The name Mirage was frozen in 2003 and was replaced by Mitsubishi Colt. Then in 2012 Mirage was revived at the end of the Colt life cycle. Unlike Colt, Mirage is placed in a smaller class in the small hatchback class. Unlike Colt, Honda Jazz, Suzuki Swift and the classmate of Toyota Yaris. The first generation Mirage is a sedan and hatchback, with nothing except a Mitsubishi Lancer, even with a different name emblem.

The Mitsubishi Mirage we know today is the sixth generation Mirage. A 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine running Mirage, Nissan March, Suzuki Splash, Honda Brio, Chevrolet Spark and Daihatsu Sirion regions are included.

Of course, it is not easy to challenge the market residents who have already joined. If you don’t want to compete with others, Mirage should have a high competitive advantage. This feature is one of the main pillars that can be felt. Mirage is the first segment to use CVT gearbox, engine start / stop button and automatic air conditioning. Its compact housing provides only a very small turning radius of 4.4 meters. The weight becomes lighter when 860 kg is 160 kg lighter than the changed Colt. The designer’s expertise in designing his body was able to produce a 0.27 coefficient drag (cd) equivalent to a sports car.

Passenger safety is ensured thanks to the RISE (Enhanced Impact Safety Evolution) to absorb the collision, but is still light. The Mirage is also equipped with high-quality steel on the body and chassis, and the weight is only very light between 835-860 kg.

For changing variants, GLS used two-tone chrome and 15-inch rims in black design, as with the existing wheel model. The lowest variant of the GLX remains with 14-inch wheels. Generally speaking, the new Mirage design looks more luxurious and elegant than the previous model, which looks young sporty.

The new Mirage is only a refresh in the previous Mirage model and does not touch the basic mechanical sector. The changes in the exterior design made the Mirage image more mature and elegant due to the impression of a young, sporty spirit. These changes can be seen from the many uses of the chrome accent, especially from the front fascia. Bright body colors such as yellow and green are removed and the color of the new Red Wine tends to be dark. Chrome and black rim models also add a luxury impression.

The Mirage is not the best in town car offering accommodation. Although compact in size, the Mirage cabin is quite adequate for five adult passengers and a lot of luggage. Now, the comfort of the rear passengers is further enhanced by adding three head restraints at a time.
The impression of driving remains the same as the slightly more difficult suspension. The suspension is quite soft and comfortable but unstable when it is invited to maneuver at high speeds. The 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine exceeds the expectations of a small engine. Energy distribution is classified as wild and ready to serve larger motor vehicles. The choice of two gearboxes can suit your driving character and both provide high fuel efficiency. Generally speaking, there is no change in driving indications. As a daily vehicle in the city continues to be one of the options of the city cars.

2019 Mitsubishi Mirage Review
2019 Mitsubishi Mirage Review
Mitsubishi New Mirage looks more sporty and aggressive than the previous model. The newest grill design is combined with the chrome accents around it and added to the company emblem in the middle. The new fog lamp features a chrome-framed nail with a water dam and a letter X.

Spoilers and tail lights seem unchanged from the exterior of the Mirage with LED lights. The new screen comes from the bumper with two flat-frame reflectors connected by a line drawing. The new Red Pearl Wine color, which replaces the Lime Yellow and Green colors, is available. Overall, the existing exterior design is not less airy than the more expensive hatchbacks.

The latest Mirage design has been designed to make it more fuel efficient. The front bumper is engraved in the curves for a softer airflow. The air dam and the front and rear are developed to reduce drift resistance. The rear spoiler’s position was changed to reduce lift when changing the shape of the rear bumper to provide better airflow.

These aero enhancements help Mirage achieve a low coefficient of friction of only 0.27 (Cd). Better than Mitsubishi Evolution X with 0.34. The compact Mirage body, like a wind-chopper sharp sword, helps reduce friction and provides more stable and more efficient engine performance.

2019 Mitsubishi Mirage Review
2019 Mitsubishi Mirage Review
The cabin had not changed much from the previous Mirage model. The Exceed type still has two-tone nuances between black and white, so it doesn’t look too monotonous. The luxurious touch support comes from the middle stack of plastic material with piano black colors and the steering wheel. In addition, the leather trim is on the steering wheel and on the transmission line.

It can be said that sitting position is more comfortable than sport. There are seat height regulators to facilitate the various stops of the driver. Searching for the correct driving position can be adjusted by advancing without adjusting the seat adjustment and the steering wheel range. The driver’s seat is comfortable because it is not the half-bucket type wrapped around the side body. Reaching the hand to hold the entire function key is not a major problem.

The most important changes are in the rear cabin. Exceed and GLS variants are now fitted with comfortable head restraints for passengers. Not only two, but also the passengers sitting in the middle of their head. Unfortunately, the lowest type GLX is not equipped with such important features. Fortunately, the leg and ceiling space is still sufficient for 180 cm passengers. In addition, the rear seats can now be folded in the 60:40 configuration, resulting in higher space flexibility to increase cargo space capacity.

The interior features are still the most complete in the class. Name a quality sound system that is compatible with ABS + EBD brakes, audio steering switch and ISO-fix in combination with fully automatic air conditioning, instrument panel, engine start / stop button, smart switch and double airbag security system. The Cluster gauge design is completely new with the Multi-Information Display and has an Eco indicator to drive in efficient conditions.

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