2019 Honda CR-V Review

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Another crossover-cum-SUV. Because that’s what people want now. And Honda CR-V – It looks more like anything than anything. Now in the fifth generation, Honda sells hundreds of thousands of people every year to people who want something practical and boring – something that will pull caravans or wind boxes on weekends and / or deliver their children. school, without giving them a reason to visit a local dealer or call AA.

Over the years, CR-V has become the world’s best-selling SUV – making it a very important part of the Honda lineup. Therefore, the new one is the Great Agreement. It’s just not new. The fifth-generation CR-V has been sold in the US for 18 months or more, but we’re talking about the changes in steering and suspension to make them better drive European cars. In fact, Honda claims that the new CR-V is “the most dynamic car in its class”, thanks to the more rigid chassis that uses very high strength and very high steel.

The big and technical news is that Honda will not offer a new CR-V with diesel engine. Gasoline, a non-plug hybrid, will appear early next year, but the only engine currently available is a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol paired with a six-speed manual or CVT. Pass and drive all front or part time wheels.

But this is basically a family car, so it’s a field issue. Just like how you use it. In each generation we are used to getting bigger cars, but the fifth generation CR-V is the same length as before. The main reason for this is that the Honda extends the wheelbase by up to 40 mm – it brings the wheel closer to the corners and ‘contributes to a more muscular attitude from SUV il – taking up more space.

The second row of passengers had 50 mm more leg area, and Honda took the third row of optional child-friendly seats that folded flat on the luggage floor for the first time. Elsewhere, we promise more connections with the same infotainment system you use in Civic and the wider use of high-quality materials.

The sales started this September, and the first cars were built shortly after the factories in Japan (the Swindon Honda factory only built the existing Civic).

2019 Honda CR-V Review
2019 Honda CR-V Review

Honda knows how to do a good wheelbarrow. Ordinary Civic, disgusting-looking, good enough for family hatchback. In Type R, it is one of the best cars at a reasonable price sold today. An old Top Gear Car of the year, not less. Even if it looks stupid.

The CR-V is not a Type R, but it is pretty good for what kind of automobile – a big, heavy and practical seven-seat SUV that’s not fun. The most impressive is the journey supported by hydraulic bushes. It was rather soft to give us the Austrian roads we took the samples, but the CR-V left a few marks full of scars that we could find in a dignified and calm way. It does not roll too much (even if the height is increased by 35 mm, the center of gravity does not change) and the progressive steering and weight is good – it should not turn too much – the illusions of illusion and the deceptive longings are called ‘taste’, even though the reviewers are less. But this is a family SUV, who cares? Regardless of whether you choose the front wheel or the four wheels, the CR-V provides a quiet, controlled and safe ride that won’t disturb you, and that’s what’s important at the end of this market.

CVT gearbox that could disturb you. Japanese car manufacturers like this. We don’t do it, but Honda with CVT isn’t bad. We still choose a six-speed manual – because if Honda does something better than any other car manufacturer, this is a manual gearbox – but if you choose a car we won’t judge you. The seven ‘dentures’ do not completely eliminate the combustion circuits when you press the gas, but they help and the effect of the rubber bands you take with CVT is not very clear thanks to intelligent mapping.

The unwanted result is that the auto-car actually gets more power from the guide (190bhp and 179lb ft, 171bhp and 162lb ft), but in practice they both feel equally fast. Or are we supposed to say slow? Front-wheel drive, the CR-V guide runs at 0-60mph in 9.3 seconds and runs up to 131mph. The four-wheel drive drives are not on average 10 seconds and 124 mph. With CVT only AWD, the manual transmission is front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

The CVT car has paddles behind the wheel for manual control of the steps – the tow is useful for driving in snowy conditions.

As you walk around the city, the 1.5-liter engine is quiet and quiet, although the noise cancellation technology becomes a bit harder when you start to plunge the power depth and torque reserve, but it’s as polite as everything else. No matter what speed, the wind tunnel is tight and many operations mean that tires and winds are minimal.

2019 Honda CR-V Review
2019 Honda CR-V Review

Great here. The wider rail, longer wheelbase and engraved front seats provide a good leg gap on the second line of the three CR-V lines, and the rear door is easy because it opens up almost 90 degrees to get goods / small people in and out.

Optional third row, even if folded flat (561 liters plays 472, the third row is saved and two on the front) and is really suitable only for small children. Access here is also not as easy as anywhere in the classroom. Although the 60/40 split second row can move forward with 150mm, there are still two tabbed jobs to undo – the second pull requires a little effort, which is difficult to deploy from the point you have to do. I need two hands …

The boat itself is huge. Very big. Loadbay is a 1.860mm class with a total of 1,756 liters of volume that can be used in a five-seat car with all seats folded. The warehouse is also quite large in the passenger compartment – the center console can be configured in three modes and can swallow a laptop or handbag on demand, and the speakers raise the Honda four-door tray to make it much larger than before.

The board will be familiar to everyone who lives in the new Civic. The good news is that the quality of the material at this point – everything feels convincingly firm. It must be a Honda. It means that the most shaped drive, with a comfortable front seat and spacing / rake adjustment for the wheel, should generally feel comfortable. The bad news is that the control design / layout is a bit old … This is almost entirely the crime of the space-age interior of the Peugeot 5008 and the ‘I-Cockpit’ – the CR-V is quite plain in comparison. Wooden trim and fine CVT gear lever.

And then there’s the infotainment system – like you’re in the Civilian. You can do a lot of things – many of them. But all you want to do is plug in your phone and use CarPlay / Android Auto instead. The Honda UI is not easy enough to use, the graphics are not good enough and the navigation is childish. You can read all the problems we experienced in Civic Type R by clicking on these words.

2019 Honda CR-V Review
2019 Honda CR-V Review
There is no price or specification – for the old CR-V you see above. An estimate of five to ten percent of new cars is more expensive than the resulting models; this provides a fairly fair increase in technology and quality. Do not you think

Ecologists will want to wait for the beginning of 2019. For now, the most economical CR-V configuration is a front-wheel drive car with six-speed manual transmission – 44.8mpg and 143g / km CO2. Whereas for automatic – 39.8mpg and 162g / km, but with this AWD. Your results may vary etc …

Security? The new CR-V has not been tested, but Honda expects exactly five stars when Euro NCAP finally gets one. A harder chassis is designed to distribute the collision energy more evenly than before and thus reduce the power delivered to the passengers. Of course, there are lots of airbags.

And of course, all active and passive safety systems are designed to protect you from accidents. The ‘Honda Sensation’ technology series will be installed as standard for all CR-Vs – a system that can fit drivers in the event of a collision and, if necessary, implement braking, track monitoring and adaptive circulation controls. You can also obtain blind spots and track traffic.

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