2019 BMW i8 Review

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The four years since its launch and the i8 still want to come into the world with discontinuity in space. But now we call it face lift. Even though his face is hard to change. The main news is the nice Roadster version. The coupe takes many changes under the same skin, which is useful in increasing use and efficiency.

I8 looks very radical. The minimum drag operation for efficiency is artificially combined with the flamboyant development that satisfies many people.

Power transmission bodies and the same unusual structure and style as the thick. The 231bhp gasoline engine in the center uses the larger 143bhp electric motor front wheels, while the rear wheels move along the six-speed automatic transmission.

Allows three different push types. In sport mode, you can drive an AWD sports car with a performance that fits exactly the BMW’s M4. Peaceful and very efficient hybrid mod. Or use pure battery power up to 75 mph.

Automobiles can use their driving strategies to use minimum energy – the energy comes from gasoline or electricity.

Low friction is part of it and the rolling resistance is minimal – see the tire. Another is mild. Cup 1.535kg. Even the roadster is less than 1,600 kg and less than 911 when equipped with 4WD, automatic box and electric roof. How do they do that? Using carbon fiber boats with aluminum subframe and light outer panel.

However, it was exhausting when the engineer was wise to use a number of wise points. With the advantage of experience, it makes the battery more durable (70% more than the previous one) and the main traction motor. The winnings show electric range and hybrid performance as well as fuel efficiency. Now you have to make a realistic electric range of 20-25 miles and the official CO2 figure is as low as 42g / km for the Coupe.

They also removed the original front display by using a new front damper calibration and a thicker rear cornering bar. The roadster gets a change and the trophy brings sportiness to another level.

Roadsters aren’t fair weather watchers. The fabric roof of the three electrical layers is smooth and calmly insulated. Thus, this amazing car adds another direction. You can relax quietly in the city with electricity, the ceiling goes down, you are familiar with the road landscape. Nevertheless, in 4WD sport mode, you’ll still get the ability to combine all weather conditions as soil coating.

2019 BMW i8 Review
2019 BMW i8 Review

The sports car is very good when you have the chance to make the maximum attack. But most of the time, most of the road does not happen. And then the frustration just eats you. I8 is different.

This is not the best six-figure sports car – go straight ahead on your favorite road – although it’s not necessarily bad. What makes it special is that you can add any other size to include you in overtaking cities or railways.

But first you want to know how it feels like a sports car. Slide the transmission lever to the side to access the sport mode. Turning turns red and eco-meters into speed counters, strengthens adjustment dampers, changes the navigation arrows for HUD gears and shift lights, and has an additional motor sound – completely different from the flat version of a particular circle – below.

He was able to achieve the outstanding performance of the 1.5 liter, three-cylinder Mini Cooper. In sport mode, the engine continues to run continuously. When you do not need all the power to accelerate, you can use the front engine to push back and generate electricity to the battery. This way, the next time you move the accelerator pedal, the engine and the front engine, you move your shoulders together.

The performance really conforms to the standard of a sports car – 0-62mph, in the middle of the four-second range and when you cross the three ends, the top end is limited to 155mph, but things are getting harder.

It can use more engine speed – a strict 6.500 rpm limit is not very interesting. Nevertheless, the electrical torque has many responses in the mid-range – only to escape from a very wide distance between the second and third teeth. Can the power transfer system make life easier? This is a sign that a very small sports car gave us four-cylinder turbo boring.

Most of the time, cornering is also good news. The I8 comes straight and straight, dipping into the bend with an astonishing bite from the narrow front tire. When the weight of the nose changes from the hill and the slope, the middle corner, the steering wheel is babbling. On an unpredictable path, 4WD safety is an exceptional guarantee.

The chassis feedback is also powerful through the seats. However, the news says you may be inconsistent. Get stronger early in the corner, especially in slippery ones, and this is a game to guess whether you’ll get a mild excuse or a delicious warm cook. (However, the ESP is cut too early, so please use the dynamic settings.) Apparently, when entering the curve, the front engine depends on whether or not it is busy renewing. However, this is a mild effect. Basically this is a fun, agile and precise machine.

It also rises well. This helps you to sit low between the wheels, where the swinging and launching are not obstructed, but the chassis can be well absorbed. Narrow tires produce very little road noise according to sports car standards.

The brakes are robust and reliable in difficult conditions, but brushing the pedals gently in low-speed hybrid processes gives an artificial taste like almost all hybrids in the world.

Oh yeah, hybrid mode. It has the charm of driving at the sweet spot where all systems are at the most efficient level. When the engine is switched on, it will calm down and turn off most of the time. Sometimes you experience a slight delay if you want a sudden power, but it often waits for you accidentally considering the complexity of the task.

In the end, the full EV mode will make you 25 miles soft, quiet, quiet and quite agile after the full charge.

2019 BMW i8 Review
2019 BMW i8 Review
The first difficulty is entering. The wing gate (without a frame on the roadster) means that you have to lean down and narrow your feet to remove the high threshold. The design of the high swing and sills also overrides the bag or glass handle on the door. But hey, if you’re not ready to pay some money for drama, you won’t get this car.

Visibility is also somewhat problematic. Display poles extend and close, so that you can switch between tight winding or roundabout in your chair, navigating between the windscreen and side window. The roadster’s rear bump was turned into a nightmare. The rear camera also doesn’t – just a sensor, but good.

It sounds like a sports car. You sit comfortably and lowly in an amazing chair. The materials fit the desired price and the ergonomics of the control and control devices are as good as BMW. It’s also stylish and forward-looking, not as futuristic as the outside (to regulate the need for a joystick, not the steering wheel).

There’s a little seat behind the Coupe. The 911 plus are bigger than two jobs, but so you’ll only use it for your luggage. The rear boot is small but available. These boots are effectively smaller in the Roadster, because you cannot load them up to the height of the glass cover, but the rear seat has disappeared, so there’s a special rack for a double-locked oversized bag.

Amazing cockpit aero draws attention to these details. Drive a roadster with a small turbulence, run windows easily at 60 mph and go far beyond the windows.

The roof falls or rises in a flat 15 seconds, up to 30 seconds. When you’re ready, you’ll get improvements to almost the standard Coupe.

2019 BMW i8 Review
2019 BMW i8 Review
The I8 comes with state aids to purchase and provides tremendous fuel savings and has three years / 36k miles service included in the price.

But the problem is … except for the still more expensive ones to have the nearest equivalent of the 911 Carrera 4 Tiptronic. Reason depreciation: much more expensive to buy, but worth less than three years.

On the other hand, if you are the driver of a company vehicle, the picture changes because the benefits of i8 in the form of CO2-dependent goods are much lower. For a person in the 40 percent tax group, the tax is around 20,000 lira in 60,000 miles per year to drive the i8, and double the 911.

Now, the official fuel value is 156.9mpg and 42 g / km for the CO2 Coupe, and the Roadster is slightly worse at 141.2mpg and 46g / km.

Of course the official fuel numbers can be very meaningful for PHEV. If you drive 25 miles to the office, you can never use fuel for your trip if you charge it at home and in the office. And if he goes as though we’re playing on a roundabout, we can get 25mpg without refilling. Competitive burning cars will definitely fall to young people. However, make sure that you specify an optional 42 liter fuel tank, not the standard absorber 30 liters.

One of the smartest ways to reduce fuel consumption for electricity is to assume that your satellite navigation point will be charged. He divides the work between gasoline and electric propulsion, he uses electricity to consume a minimum of fuel and consume electricity after it’s coming.

The I8 cannot accept fast DC charge or even medium speed AC charging, but the battery is relatively small at a nominal 11.8kWh. The charging time in a wall box of 3.6kW is less than three hours. BMW makes it easy to use public points with the ChargeNow card that organizes payments on multiple networks, so you don’t have to save everything.

Adjustment is easy – standard kits include HUDs, connected navigation, Harman Kardon sound, LED lights and more. You won’t find a lane or adaptive navigation system because there is no room for sensors. The shade option outside of the floor and paint colors is a series of bright laser lights that plunge into the depths of the night.

2019 BMW i8 Review
2019 BMW i8 Review
There is nothing like I8. Confusing complexity stems from the need to build a sustainable sports car in the new age. Never mind, what makes her great is the personality of many sides. It snort along your favorite mountain route, then smooths and soothes the toll road. Carefully float like a bicycle under electrical power. The hybrid mode is not only hygienic, but also interesting in its own style. It also adds another layer to the new open version. This gives a deeper meaning to the environment in which you live – an environment in which all complexity tries to protect.

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