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In the automotive forest, Series 3 is one of the largest oak forests. You can name it: Golf, 911, Range Rover, S-Class. And 3 Series. They’re the ones who set the landscape. The unchanging cars we use to steer ourselves.

Through careful evolution that goes on for decades, they all become the standard in which all those that are unequivocally similar are inevitably measured. Series 3 is also the center of what the company means. This belongs to one-fifth of the BMW sold worldwide (before adding this Series 4).
Of course, 40 years later, this new generation refused to set us up with a big surprise. Still a sporty, smart, respectable and fun expectation. Although component parts are almost completely different from the second. Almost everything that was sent before was engine and gearbox. But we are against you to find many errors related to this heritage. After all, they were upgraded.

One of the designers’ goals is’ don’t look like Series 5 ‘, which is good, because when I see 3 or 5 years old, I have a job to say, especially as Tourings.

The new trainer has very fast metal and smooth but sharp folds along the edges and there is a low hood on the wheels. This is one of the newest BMWs without outlet holes behind the front arch. The designer said it wouldn’t make a difference in this car. Another easy place: the main floor place no longer passes through the doorknob.

The body is now harder and bigger. Suspension, seat, electronics etc. The principle stems from the large cars BMW launched in recent years. Suspension and drivetrain use more aluminum than before, and the hood and front wing are made of aluminum. In general, weight savings exceed 50 kg in most models and are slippery in the air.

The 320d now has a dual-sequence turbocharger with a larger VGT than both pompoms. With this and losing weight and barriers, the 320d will automatically reach 62mph in less than seven seconds, but the specification says that CO2 emissions are 110g / km.

The other end of the scale is the M340i xDrive, at least until the M3 reaches the faint of tire fumes. This is an important step forward from the old 340i. The power has 370bhp and four-wheel drive and M-mode for chassis, brake and styling. This is part of the Series 3 series, not the actual standard. Power and four-wheel drive, this is a BMW that grows with the Audi S4 and the Mercedes-AMG C43. And as we will see, do a good job.

In general, the 3 Series body is almost 8 cm longer, so it’s hard to call it compact now. Width light up, front track 4cm. Be careful not to injure the wheels at a wide border. Considering the swelling of the dimensions, the increase in the cabin space and the trunk does not seem so smart. But given the weight loss they do.

BMW 3 Series Review
BMW 3 Series Review

Let’s go back to our great oak theory. Series 3 is the driver’s sedan. Other than that, other puppies have grown fast to fit them. Powerbrain The Jaguar XE is a front end, but it is more structured than BMW when bends are as usual as usual.

Alfa Giulia is full of competence and pleasure only because BMW is good enough everywhere. BMW should do some pretty serious woodworking. (OK, stop with very flexible metaphors.)

First, at the end of the road, the new G20 3 Series penetrates your chest and tells you the sport. The journey was very fast. The steering is sharp and precise without being immediately and uneasy.

The response rate of steering, rolling and wobbling is excellent, so peel it off into a bend, almost without thinking, almost straight ahead. The sport chassis option achieves higher precision for more precise steering and progressive speed, which is useful in hair strands.

He hardly leaned back and refused to be beaten around the bush, slightly crouched down on his thighs, and crept out of the corner. Damping feels very disciplined and light without feeling fragile.

Coupling clutches will be a rare event. However, if you have set the DSC knob to the middle setting, even if the rear driver version is wet, even 320d, it is ready for a proper tail slide.

This is not a sports car, but the salon will not find more fun among normal people.

But the steering wheel is not perfect. Of course the bumps were flat and were disturbed by bends and thrown. It always lacks the old, and now better, but not suppressed, like Mercedes or Audi, deliberately isolating Mercedes and Audi.

Woe is really hard. Straight-pass capabilities are all very good, but general observations say Series 3 will spend much of its time in more limited circles. There is little difference between low-sport versions or standard settings. The new type of damper moves more easily in the middle of the stroke, but nevertheless, on small wrinkles and large bumps, the suspension never loosens. Or let me.

The latest option, the M Sport Plus package, offers an adaptive damper with 19-inch wheels. We haven’t tried it yet, but BMW says it made up the first penalties. It also adds e-differential M Sport and improved brakes.

Nevertheless, as a long-distance car, Series 3 has done everything to make up for this journey. Silence and smoothness are the most important things, especially from engine noise and wind. They fill the columns of the screen with foam and use acoustic insulation glass. The stability of the highway lane is also good.

We started with the chassis because the power of the powertrain with BMW is almost obvious. And this time. 320d is strong for this kind, but calm. It’s still a four-cylinder diesel engine, so you still have to enjoy the corners, not the engines. At least he’s muscular enough to let that happen.

330i petrol is a peach. For four cylinders, 6,800 rpm produce very soft and very exciting. This car is between 5.8 seconds and 62 miles. The eight-speed transmission shows the best advantage, even if it is much more than a diesel. There is no significant torque-transducer slip and the changes are very fast but very smooth.

However, the 330i is not six-cylinder. M340 is. We tried the runway. The place should not match the AWD hall, but it fits. The newly revised engine produced 370bhp and placed it next to the S4, C43 AMG and Stinger GTS. 7,000 and looks beautiful.

In all of the M Sport Plus chassis and Sport modes listed above, there are programmable electronically controlled difference centers to get rid of the rear tires of all the forces they can use. And a little more for luck, with the brain seeing you with steering correction. It allows you to play it stupid, but then it protects you from your stupidity.

This can be the driver’s car, but you can of course determine the driver’s help package. When you choose to use, you are supported by speed and road control. It’s not special for the sedan class. Better than that, it’s easy to configure to do what you want at any time. Especially with the overhead display, it is easy to see what is active and what is not.

Interfering when you do not expect to reduce common problems with the help of drivers. Or worse, you neglect to do what you have to do, because you expect it to be done for you.

BMW 3 Series Review
BMW 3 Series Review

The new 3 was empathically better equipped than the old one, but did not act as fast as the best opposition. Oh, the modern, anywhere is fine with high resolution screens and surrounding lighting strips and many metal features. But not as fancy or sweet as an Audi or Mercedes. A little cold.

This is of course quite large. A longer wheelbase provides an adult-sized rear leg room. Ride the boots behind you, if you need more things with folding chair ridges. This may be a family car, but you should wait a bit for the Touring, which is a few months behind the hall.

As competitors get more and more settled on touch screens and friction pads, the old beautiful iDrive rotation controller feels like going home. You can even use the car without looking down while bouncing.

Oh, there are other ways to interact, including touch screens. Also Alexa’s ‘connected personal assistant’ is complete with sound. It sometimes works really well. Sometimes.

The basic model takes a hardware tool button. We asked the project manager if they were cheaper to produce cheaper than creating a virtual screen, and he said no. It’s about increasing the sales department to be billed.

So the best technical feature is a virtual driver set and a 10.25-inch screen. As we said before, BMW’s virtual long calls will be information and illegality.

BMW’s EfficientDynamics is more than a bad label. Wherever you look at any of the series 3, you’ll find outstanding performance on the one hand and economy / CO2 on the other.

If the company vehicle tax is very important, wait for PHEV 330e. The electrical range is 37 miles from an important 12.2kWh battery. When the motor and motor are working together, this 330i is faster than gasoline. The battery is under the seat and the fuel tank (only 40 liters) is on the suspension, so there is still a folding rear seat and it will also be available as a Touring.

The new 3 has competitive equipment. The ‘Base’ SE is rotating on 17-inch wheels. It has adaptive LED lights, garden control from all sides and reverse camera and circulation features. It has a true hardware tool set with a 8.8-inch center display. As great as the best option in Old Series 3, it is a very handy and useful system with full traffic information and CarPlay.

The 18s, foggy, and some other ornamental sports ornaments are available, and there is a larger fuel tank at 320d. The chair here is heated, sports and leather. This is a £ 1,400 package and you can’t see many people denying itself.

Another M Sport of £ 1,500 brings a double-screen body kit and cockpit in the 18s.

High-performance brakes, suspension, adaptive dampers and the M Sport Plus package for rear e-diff are above M Sport’s £ 2,200. It may be excessive for 320d.

The three-year service starts at £ 399 for 36,000 miles. The warranty is also three years, but the mileage is unlimited.

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